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Welcome and Aloha! The University of Hawaii at Hilo Data Visualization Lab's mission is to conduct research and development in data visualization techniques and its applications to leading-edge domain science, engineering, and education.

The lab is a result of the collaboration between Computer Science, Data Science, the Multiscale Environmental Graphical Analysis Lab (MEGA), the Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization Lab (SDAV), the Art Department, Edwin Mookini Library, the 'Imiloa Astronomy Center, and UH Manoa's Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications (LAVA). It is funded and supported by the Academy for Creative Media System (ACM).

A student wearing an augmented reality headset, and pointing the controller for that headset.

Data Visualization Class

Course Code: CS475/ART475/NSCI475
This team-taught course provides an interdisciplinary framework for learning cutting-edge data visualization techniques. The class enables students from varied disciplines to work together and develop collaborative projects. Students are taught hands-on-skills for creating effective data visualization products and tools that can be applied to a broad range of scientific disciplines.
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A warmly lit room with floating rectangular 3D models of three coral reefs.

Hawaii's Coral Reefs in VR

Imagine diving deep into the Pacific Ocean to explore unique Coral Reefs without ever getting wet or running out of air! The Hawaiian Coral Reefs in VR project integrates 3D models derived from thousands of images collected from the field by Dr. John Burns' UH MEGA Lab into a Virtual Reality platform.
Awarded Best Visualization Showcase at the PEARC20 conference.


The Cyber-enabled Collaboration, Analysis, Navigation, and Observation Environment hardware is integrated with the Scalable Amplified Group Environment software to provide a robust, high-resolution, large-scale platform to actively support collaborative user interactions such as remote teams, research and distance education.

3D Fabrication: Reusable Face Shields

As a response to the shortage of PPE due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Computer Science and the Art Department teamed up to design and 3D print reusable face shields. These face shields were donated to medical and front-line personnel in the Big Island community. This effort is spearheaded by Computer Science Faculty member Francis Cristobal in collaboration with UH Manoa Engineering student Michael Dodge II.